How Do I Talk To My Doctor About A Disability

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Internet searches and casual conversations with acquaintances about Social Security disability or Veterans disability claims often produce discouraging, inaccurate information. Since not everyone knows what is required to win a disability claim, it can be frustrating trying to learn about the rules and requirements for SSA on your own.


Medical records and written support from a treating physician are essential evidence in proving a Social Security disability or Veterans disability claim. 

SSA and VA regulations place the burden of proof on the disability claimant to prove very strict legal requirements in a claim:

Social Security disability claims – require current, regular medical treatment records to show severe health symptoms that prevent a person from doing any easy, full-time work.

Veterans disability claims – require medical evidence and a medical opinion to prove an injury in military service caused a current, severe health problem for the veteran.

So how do you bring up your disability claim with your physician or health provider?

First, you should only seek medical treatment that you need to treat your health problems and that you can afford.  It is counter-productive to spend money on medical treatment solely to try to prove a disability claim. You should be telling your health providers about all your symptoms at every visit.

Second, establish a rapport with your doctor before asking for support. A health provider wants you there for their treatment.  If you ask your doctor for a letter or form at your first or second visit, then you are sending the wrong message to them about why you are there.  You should have a good treatment history with a health provider before asking for additional support.

Third, make it easy for your doctor to help you when you ask for help. For example, if you’ve stopped working and filed a Social Security disability claim, or have been denied on an SSA disability or VA disability claim and are seeking written support from a treating physician, then you should have the specific questions you need answered from them. 

Don’t just ask the doctor: “Do you support me getting disability?” and leave it at that.  Instead, have a well-prepared draft of a form or letter which has the specific legal questions ready for your doctor to answer.  This will save the health provider a lot of time and they may be a lot more willing to help you if they know exactly what you want, and they don’t have to start from scratch in order to help you. 

SSDI and VA disability claims are complex and a “one size fits all” approach to doctor support does not work.  Geraty Holub and MacQueen can prepare the best form, statement, or letter for your doctor to maximize the legal effectiveness of your doctor’s support.


I’m sure you have additional questions about your disability claim so give us a call today.  If you’re unable to work due to your health symptoms, you need a skilled Social Security disability or Veterans disability attorney from Geraty, Holub and MacQueen to fight for you.

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