Three Common Myths About Social Security Disability

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Internet searches and casual conversations with acquaintances about Social Security disability often produce discouraging, inaccurate information. Since not everyone knows what is required to win a disability claim.  It can be frustrating trying to learn about the rules and requirements for SSA on your own.

When I speak with potential clients I am always happy to debunk myths and misinformation that is commonly spread about SSA disability claims and processes. 

Here are three common myths about Social Security disability and how to overcome them:

  1. MYTH: You can file for disability while working.

FACT: No. Unfortunately, a person cannot prospectively file for Social Security disability while still employed. You don’t have to wait long after you leave your job due to medial symptoms. However, you must show SSA that you are not currently working when you file your disability claim.

  1. MYTH: I can’t do what I used to do in my job, therefore I’m disabled with SSA.

FACT:  SSA disability has a strict, regulatory definition of work. You must prove you cannot do SSA’s definition of work with current medical evidence.  Generally, if you file a disability claim with SSA, then your current medical records must prove that you cannot perform an easy, full time, low-stress, sit-down job.  Your current medical records need to document serious functional limitations that keep you from doing this type of easy, sit-down work full time.

  1. MYTH: Drug addicts or alcoholics get disability from SSA.

FACT: SSA disability benefits are not paid to persons who are abusing alcohol or drugs.  In fact, SSA disability rules explicitly prevent approval of a disability claim if the claimant is using drugs or alcohol.  Abusers of drugs or alcohol have never been awarded disability and doing so legally torpedoes your SSA disability claim.


I hope this helped you to better understand these three common myths about Social Security disability. I’m sure you have additional questions about your disability claim so give us a call today.  If you’re unable to work due to your health symptoms, you need a skilled Social Security or VA disability attorney from Geraty, Holub and MacQueen to fight for you.

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