Our clients do not have to pay any money up front, and we get no fee unless we win your case.

Our attorney fee for Social Security disability cases is 25% of the past-due benefits in your claim but we only get paid if we are successful. In most cases, attorney fee is capped at $6000. This cap is set by the Social Security Administration. Our fee agreement that is signed by you and our attorney explains in detail exactly what our fees are.

For Veterans disability cases our attorney fee is 20% of the past due benefits in your claim if we are successful.

Most of our clients are facing severe financial problems because they cannot work. Contact us if you desire further information about our fee at 1-855-282-7243.

The expenses in SSA and VA claims are usually modest and include the cost of medical records. In some cases it might be necessary or useful to retain expert medical witnesses, in these cases our attorney will discuss these expenses with you ahead of trial.