The Biggest Disability Secret You’ve Never Been Told!

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Let me tell it to you straight: the Social Security disability benefit program is a confusing system of outdated concepts, confusing rules and regulations designed to deny your claim. And it ain’t changing anytime soon.

When you file a claim for disability benefits with SSA you are committed to playing by their rules. These rules are not in your favor.  You have agreed to meeting the BURDEN OF PROOF to get back your money from the federal government. The phrase “burden of proof” is just as it sounds: you must PROVE your claim meets the strict legal requirements enacted by SSA. This is very difficult to do.

The one thing that SSA doesn’t tell you in this process of meeting their burden of proof is that it does not matter if you can no longer do the job you used to do when you were healthier. “I can’t do what I used to do” is a LOSING disability claim with SSA.

Why? Because you must meet your burden of proof with SSA that your medical conditions prevent you from doing any type of work SSA can find for you based solely on their pretend, regulatory definitions of work.  SSA relies an ancient, outdated tome of jobs to deny your claim. They think disability claimants can do jobs such as nut sorter, egg processor or dowel pin inspector. Ever met someone who is a dowel pin inspector? Or how about a microfilm preparer, telephone quotation clerk, sack repairer, tube operator, eyeglass frame polisher? Me neither. But this is what you are up against when you file a disability claim with SSA.

You need an experienced disability attorney to help you navigate this fantasy-land, BS minefield which is designed to keep you from receiving the SSA benefits you have worked for years to earn!

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It’s about dignity.