Virginia Social Security and Veteran’s Administration Disability Law Firm celebrates 30 Years Representing Virginians

The Virginia Disability Law Firm of Geraty, Holub & MacQueen, PLC has been representing disabled Virginians for over 30 years. The firm is 100% focused on getting disability benefits for their clients in claims including those before the Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration. According to Senior Partner Cooper Geraty, a longstanding and deep relationship with the community and a close attorney-client bond are the keys to their success. Being located in Virginia allows the firm to develop a one on one rapport with their clients. This rapport and community engagement allows him to familiarize himself with their medical and work history, to understand the way that their medical limitations impacts their lives, and to effectively communicate with the judges and other decision makers who award benefits.

Partner Bob Holub enjoys being involved in each case from intake interview through completion. This involvement allows him to get to know each client step by step, and understand all of the factors that can contribute to a successful outcome for their case. By getting to know each client’s medical and work history and understanding their specific needs, Mr. Holub is able to paint a clear picture of the disability for the judges and other decision makers at the Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration. In many cases it takes extensive in-depth communication with the clients, as well as with medical providers, judges and administrative personnel to achieve success in the complicated process of securing disability benefits for his clients. Mr. Holub feels that by living in Virginia and by working for years with these key people, he is able to provide his client’s a superior professional legal service. 

This local, community-based approach means that clients have access throughout the process to the attorney who is going to be arguing on their behalf. Since the claims process can be confusing, a mistake at any point in filling out forms or missing deadlines can mean disaster. Having great communication and a strong attorney-client relationship can mean the difference between a claim being awarded and denied. Since many medical conditions that cause disability develop over a period of time and affect different patients in different ways, it is important that the attorney handling the case takes the time to understand the way that the disease is effecting each particular claimant. This understanding allows the attorney to work with the medical providers to accurately document the ways that disease is affecting their ability to work.

The attorneys of Geraty, Holub & MacQueen, PLC are proud to be a Virginia law firm serving disabled individuals in cases before the Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration, and look forward to many more years of helping their fellow Virginian’s to secure their benefits. For a free consultation with an attorney who can help in your disability claim before the Social Security and Veterans Administrations call 855-2VA-PAID. You will not owe an attorney fee unless you win.

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