I’m Bob Holub, with the Virginia disability Law Firm of Geraty, Holub, and Macqueen we have been helping Virginians get disability for over thirty years.

When filing a claim for social security disability benefits it is often a confusing and unfamiliar process. There are three things that you should do when you file a claim for social security disability. First is to file as soon as you stop working, you cannot get paid on disability benefits until the date of your completed application. You may be jeopardizing benefits if you don’t file soon after you leave your job.

Second continue medical treatment for your disabling medical problems; this evidence is important to proving your case, so it’s important that you try to continue medical treatment that you need and can afford after you leave your job and file your claim.

Third give us a call or visit our website we can assist you in any stage of your disability case, we can help you with the confusing and unfamiliar paperwork, we can help put together a case before an administrative law judge at a hearing, and we can help you appeal a denial that you receive on your claim.

So please give us a call we look forward to speaking with you about your case the hope that we can help you.